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What Everyone is Saying

Wow! So simple, straightforward, and powerful. I really got the intent and depth that the Preamble has been so eloquently and subtly stating for so many years.

I feel like I can look at the Constitution and have conversations about it, with greater clarity and greater personal certainty in what the intention and purposes of the document are. I can now study the rest of the Constitution from this new understanding of the purposes.

I like this method of learning.

The people I took through The Guide felt they understood the Preamble for the first time. They had no idea the Constitution had 6 purposes and they were blown out to find that out. When they read the Preamble for the 2nd time, they wept. They said it had a completely new meaning for them.

It allowed me to experience concepts very personally and realize they are timeless and beautiful. What is “old” is new and true. They are enduring principles and concepts. My understanding was a trickle compared to the full-on flood of understanding I had at the end.

Inspiring! It was very eye opening!

After doing The Guide, the Preamble has now become a work of art, something to inspire, admire and live by. The intention of the writers clearly and fully came through. Very powerful. Very beautiful.

I was struck by the brilliance of the authors of the Preamble.

The Guide is simply mind blowing!