What Others Have to Say

Wow! So simple, straightforward, and powerful once it is broken down and studied in order to gain full conceptualization. I really got the intent and depth that the Preamble has been so eloquently and subtly stating for so many years. The lesson was very eye-opening, and drove home the importance it deserves to be afforded, especially in today’s state of the Union. Thank you. -RH

I feel like I can look at the Constitution and have conversations about it, with greater clarity and greater personal certainty in what the intention and purposes of the document are. I can study the rest of the Constitution from this new understanding of the purposes. -SC

Inspiring! I think it was not only educational but very eye opening! Wish we could spread this to everyone. -OS

This exercise was essential for a complete understanding of the principles that our country is founded upon and the common goals all Americans shared then, and should work to protect now. -SR